recent highlights.

Blue skies and frost-covered rooftops.  The weather lately has been glorious.  I don’t think I could ever survive living in the snow but a little chill in the air around Christmas time suits me just fine:)


My little guy turned two!!  He blew out his candles like a champ (I think we re-lit them five times, per his request) and didn’t complain that his mom failed to really throw him an official party or buy him a present.  Thankfully Nana pulled through with a firetruck which was a big hit:)  I know I know, I’m terrible.


My wonderful in-laws have come and gone all the way from Ireland and it was a very special two weeks.  I can’t put into words how much they mean to us so I’ll just post a few photos:)






Have you heard of ‘The Journey’?  It’s basically a reenactment of the time surrounding Jesus’ birth and ends with the night He was born.  It was incredibly realistic and a really cool visual experience that we walked through in about an hour.  In fact, it was so realistic that Méabh actually started crying because the Roman soldiers were being ‘so mean and scary.’  Haha!



yes, they had real camels!


strolling through the bustling town of Bethlehem


I participated in a little Christmas craft fair and it was good for me to get my creative juices flowing again:)  2019 — it is one of my goals to get back into art!  I may or may not have said that before…




Lastly, I snapped a couple of photos while on a breakfast date this morning with Niall.  Downtown Savannah was looking lovely and festive!  We love The Collin’s Quarter and it’s always a treat to eat a kid-free meal:)




Recently lots of people have asked me if I’m ready for Christmas … I usually say ‘I think so!’  We are keeping things simple and looking forward to a cozy Christmas with our little family.  What about you??  Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start:)


life lately II.


Thanksgiving has come and gone?!  I’m not sure how that happened.  It’s been far too long since I posted on here but life has been really full lately, thankfully all in good ways.  My to do list this time of year is always long and the days never seem to have enough hours in them, but I’m determined to soak it all in and not let the holiday hustle bustle stress me out.  I must say, it feels good to take some down time and write for you lovely people:)


We are OFFICIALLY in fall mode.  Woohoo!!  Just like I remember last year, it happened fast.  One week we had the AC blasting in the house, the next we were bundled up in sweatshirts.  Some days it feels like winter — so maybe we just skipped fall?!  Anyhow, I can’t emphasize enough how ready I was for it to cool down and to get into a festive mode.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’ve gone straight into Christmas mode — forget the shopping — I’m talking lights, Christmas tree, hot chocolate mornings, and all that cozy stuff:)  Thankfully, our kids are not yet at the age where they’re calling their friends Christmas morning and comparing gifts (because then they’d realize how much they got gipped, hehe).


Méabh has been my early riser lately and we have been enjoying the cozy fireplace.  Funny side note — when we first moved into this house I was pretty disappointed that the fire was ‘fake’.  Turns out, there are some advantages to this — all I have to do is flip a switch:)



My little brother got married earlier this month!  I flew home to CA early with the kids and Niall joined us a week and a half later.  It was a beautiful evening and so lovely to see extended members of my family and old friends all in one night.




I feel like my kids have turned a bit of a corner and instead of constantly getting on each others’ nerves, they actually like each other sometimes;)  It’s so fun to see them laugh together.  Eamon is quickly turning into a little boy and copies anything his big sister does.



My little girl started preschool!  A spot opened up and she’s now going for a few hours two days a week.  I told my mom that neither of us cried on her first day so that’s probably a good sign we were both ready for it;)




What else?  We put some lights on the house!  And we are hoping to get our tree soon.  My in-laws arrive from Ireland next week so we want everything to be ready.



I’m grateful to be in this season with cooler temperatures, festive lights, and the hope of Christmas to look forward to.  I feel like I’m in a ‘good groove’ with the kids lately — and we all know how those good grooves can come and go so I’m holding onto it and enjoying every minute:)  And I’m thankful for Georgia, our home sweet home!