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On New Year’s Day, Niall and I went out for breakfast as a late anniversary date (we got married on New Year’s Eve and we rarely celebrate!).  We made a list of 2018 goals — some individual, some collective.  One of mine was to read more — I decided I wanted to average one book per month.  That may not sound like much to you, but being so out of the habit of reading, it seemed like a reasonable place to start for me.  And I am proud to say, it is going very well:)  I feel like I’ve fallen in love with reading again and I am always adding to my list of ‘to read’ books.



I’m currently reading these two.  Becoming MomStrong (yes, that’s meant to be one word) has been an awesome read, constantly pointing me to God’s word and challenging me to seek His truth in this crazy world.  It highlights the importance of protecting and fighting for your children in this day and age where ideas like ‘tolerance’ and ‘love’ have replaced truth.  It kind of fires me up and makes me realize how powerful the role of a mother is!  I’m still deciding how I feel about The Red Tent.  It is a narrative based loosely on the Biblical story of Jacob and his wives and children, told from the perspective of Dinah, daughter of Leah.  The author for sure takes liberties — so I’m definitely keeping in mind it’s meant to be read as a fictional historical novel and not as God’s word.


I have a stack of books on my desk as I type this that I’m looking forward to starting once I’m done with these.  In case you’re curious, here they are — in order of priority, starting at the top!  We leave for California next week and I’m selfishly looking forward to Grandma entertaining the kiddos during the day while I read and sip coffee (don’t worry mom, I won’t work you too hard;)



I get book suggestions from a few different sources and I feel like I’m still figuring out what genres are my favorite… what about you?  Let me know if there’s one I should add to my stack!  Happy reading:)